Quiz #3

Question #1: A ______________ is the name for data stored in a named memory location.

Question #2: In the pseudocode statement totAmt = totAmt + amt if the totAmt contains the value 1000 and amt contains the value 500 before the statement is executed, what will totAmt be after the statement is executed.

Question #3: True or False: Before entering a loop, you should set the control value to the starting point you want to use.

Question #4: The if structure has two possible response. One is executed if the if statement is ____________ and one is executed if the if statement is _________________.

Question #5: In the statement ans = rslt + amt, rslt and amt are added and the answer is __________________ to ans.

Question #6: True or False: A loop needs to have code that tells when to stop repeating the loop.

Question #7: True or False: Inside a loop you need to do something to change the condition that is being tested to determine whether to do the loop again. For example if ct is controlling the loop, you might say ct = ct + 1.

Question #8: True of False: When you are comparing two pieces of data in an if statement, they should be of the same type.

Question #9: To be classified as a programming language, the language has to have the ability to handle three things: _________________, _________________, and __________________.

Question #10: String or text literals should be enclosed in ____________________.