Status Sheet - Spring 2024

CIS120 - Programming: Logic, Design and Implementation

This is a required status sheet. It is a requirement that you pass it in with the the final or before. I do not correct the final unless I have it. This is your insurance and my insurance that mistakes are not made. If we differ, I will contact you so check your email until you get a grade.

Please check all assignments that have been completed and include the grade you received if possible.

I would strongly prefer you enter the grade if the assignment has been returned. If you passed an assignment in, but have not received it back please indicate that fact as you mark the list so I can contact you if I do not have your work. Let me know if I forgot something, I would figure it out sooner or later anyway...

Week #1: HTML (Introduction)
Week #2: Load your Introductory web page up to cisweb
Week #2: Quiz #1 Week #3: Access Database Assignment on Bristol College Resources
Week #3: Group assignment using Access and user interface
Week #4: Access and SQL softskills
Week #4: Quiz #2 Week #5: Logic assignment (9 questions)
Week #5: Logic exercise/assignment (30 questions)
Week #6: Logic assignment (PowerPoint presentation with a tree database)
Week #6: First JavaScript assignment
Week #7: Flowchart and Pseudocode (Homework/quiz/test on if statements 25 questions includes flowchart and pseudocode)
Week #7: Second JavaScript assignment code
Week #8: Rock, Paper, Scissors in JavaScript
Week #8: Number Conversion Binary/Hex Assignment
Week #8: Career and mentor paper
Week #8: Visit a tutor - tell me when and who you contacted Week #9: ASCII assignment
Week #9: Portfolio Project
Week #10: Donation Database Assignment (multiple tables)
Week #11: Visual Basic Assignment #1 (Do JavaScript assignment #1 in Visual Basic)
Week #12: Array in Visual Basic
Week #13: Optional extra credit quiz
Week #14: Last quiz
Week #14: Extra Credit Visual Basic Assignment #2

Let me know if I missed anything, I will find it eventually!

List any extra credit that you did and tell me what week each was assigned in!

If you have information I should know or remember you should include it now. Some of you have contacted me to explain your situation and we have decided on a solution. Now is the time to tell me the solution so I am sure that I remember and we agree.

If you have not contacted me but you have information that you think I should know, now is the time to explain it to me.