JavaScript 3

Problem #1: Write an explanation of this program - be sure to explain each line.

Problem #2: Write the program from the pseudocode in the in the logic assignment and test it to make sure it is running.

  var1 = 10
  var2 = 20
  wksum = 0
  rslt = 0
  do while var2 < 30
     wksum = var1 + var2
     if wksum > 30
        var1 = var1 - 2
        var2 = var2 + 1
        var1 = var1 - 1
        var2 = var2 + 3
     end if
  end while loop
  rslt = var1 + var2
  display rslt

Problem #3: For problems #4 and #5 do a logic flowchart or pseudocode.

Problem #4: You have a product that is on sale. Each day of the sale, the price drops 10% from its previous price. The sale lasts for 4 days. You should write a program that processes this problem using a loop. Each pass through the loop should generate the sale price for a a day of the sale and display that price along with the day number.

Problem #5: You are depositing money to an account. You deposit different amounts each week. No deposit can be over $200. When you have deposited $500 you want to end the program and tell how many weeks it took to reach the goal and the total amount of the deposits.