Intro VB

Introductory Visual Basic Assignment

You need to send me a folder for each problem zipped.

Problem #1: Write a script to handle the following. Enter your pay per hour. Enter your desired income for the week. How many hours are you going to have to work to meet your desired income. Answers need to accomodate decimals. Display the answer.

Problem #2: Write a script to handle the following. Enter the hours you worked for Monday thru Friday (5 different entries). Calculate and display the total hours worked and the average hours worked.

Problem #3: Problem #2: On your form, take in the price of 3 books and then calculates the average price. You then want to test to see if the average price is greater than 100. If it is, you want to write out the average and the message too expensive. Otherwise you want to write out the average and a message that says Okay.

Problem #4: You are at a restaurant and you get a bill for the food and another bill for the drink. You need to get a total. Next you want to calcuate the tax using 6.2%. Finally you want to add the tip at 15%. You want to display the total for food and drink, the total after taxes have been added and the total after the percent has also been added.

Problem #5: You need to calculate an employees pay. To do this you will need:
•  the number of hours the employee worked
•  the number of hours the employee is contracted to work before the employee receives overtime (for example, the employee might be contracted to work 40 hours and only receives overtime for hours over 40)
•  the pay per hour
•  the rule for calculating over time (time and one half would be 1.5 while double time would be 2)
Test this problem with information about an employee who did not work over their contracted hours and again for an employee who did work over their contracted hours.

Problem #6: I want you to take in a student name, major and three separate grades. If the major is CI, calculate the grade average. if the average is greater than 70 display the message passing, otherwise display the message failing. If the major is not CI, display the message not a CI major.