Please answer the following questions using Visual Basic unless I tell you that you can use JavaScript.

I recommend using the videos:

  1. True or False: Global variables can be used in any module you have coded in the program.
  2. True or False: A local variable defined in a module is only available in that module.
  3. If you want to bring up a popup that will take in user input you use __________________.
  4. If you want to bring up a popup to show a message you use ________________.
  5. True or False: A do while can use a condition such that you may not enter the loop.
  6. True or False: A do loop tests at the bottom of the loop so the loop is always executed once.
  7. True or False: A for loop has the start, the end and the step to increment all in the for statement.
  8. True or False: In Visual Basic,to fill the global array, I can use a load event which puts data into the array.
  9. True or False: In my example, I set up an array that lets me use the department number as an index or subscript to extract a specific department name.
  10. Set up an array for these 4 countries such that 1 will access England, 2 will access Portugal, 3 will access Norway and 4 will access Germany. You can use either JavaScript of Visual Basic.
  11. Continuing with the problem above, write the code to display the country name if 3 is entered as the access number.
  12. Looking at my Visual Basic example on arrays, what does this line do txtDeptName.text = DeptName(txtDeptNo.txt) if txtDeptNo.txt is a 3?
  13. When I write a file, how do I put in a comma to separate the fields I am writing?
  14. What does txtIdNo.Focus() do?
  15. In the read program example,how do I tell what is the separator?
  16. In my read example how do I move the first field on a record to the textbox on the form.