JavaScript Assignment #1

You need to write the pseudocode or draw the flowchart for the problems you need to solve. Pass in the pseudocode or flowchart along with the JavaScript that I can run.

Problem #1: Take in the customerís food charges and their beverage charges. Add them together to get the total before tax. Calculate the tax (use 5.2%) and give the price after taxes. Now calculate the tip (you are tipping at 15%) and add that to the total. Display three outputs: Bill before taxes, bill including taxes, bill including taxes and tip.

Problem #2: You have played a game 3 times and have your scores. You need to reach 1000 after the next game. Take in the game scores and determine the score you need to make to reach 1000.

Problem #3: You have received 4 numeric grades for the semester. Grades can range from 0 to 100. The first grade counts for 15% of you final grade. The second grade counts for 25% of your final grade. The third grade counts for 20% of your final grade. The fourth grade counts for 40% of your final grade. Calculate and display your final numeric grade. Display the letter grade as well.

Problem #4: You need to take in the height, width and depth of the box and calculate the volume by multiplying them together. The base cost is $5. If the volume is greater 50 then you want to add $20 to the base cost otherwise you want to add $10 to the base cost. Display the cost.

Problem #5: You need to calculate an employees pay. To do this you will need to take in the following four inputs:

  1. the number of hours the employee worked
  2. the number of hours the employee is contracted to work before the employee receives overtime (for example, the employee might be contracted to work 40 hours and only receives overtime for hours over 40)
  3. the pay per hour
  4. the rule for calculating over time (time and one half would be 1.5 while double time would be 2)
As part of the code you write, you should ask a question to determine if the employee worked over their contracted hours and then calculate the appropriate pay. Test this problem with information about an employee who did not work over their contracted hours and again for an employee who did work over their contracted hours. See if they both work.