Last Quiz

  1. Errors in the use of the programming language such as word usage and grammar are called ________________ errors.
    Choose: A/ logic B/ data C/ development D/ syntax

  2. When you test a program that has successfully compiled with data, you are looking for ______________ errors.
    Choose: A/ syntax B/ logic C/ compiler D/ language

  3. In programming, you use quotation marks to enclose:
    Choose: A/ String or character literals B/ numeric literals C/ variable names D) string or character or numeric literals

  4. A database is made up of a group of ______________ that hold the collection of data. For example, there might be one holding inventory information and one holding customer information.
    Choose: A/ tables B/ columns C/ variables D/ none of the above

  5. Calculating an answer and storing it to a named memory location is using ____________ ?
    Choose: A/ comparison B/ equal C/ assignment D/ compiling
  6. True or False: You cannot execute a program to produce output if it has critical syntax errors.
    Choose: T/ True F/ False
  7. The three structures that define all programming logic are _____________, _____________, _________________.
    Choose: A/ selection, process, loop B/ sequence, selection, loop C/ sequence, iteration, loop D/ sequence, repetition, case

  8. True or False: In a decision, if theAns is not greater than amtIn, it means that amtIn is less than theAns.
    Choose: T/ True F/ False
  9. You can use either a letter or an integer as a direct subscript index/pointer to an array.
    Choose: T/ True F/ False
  10. If you want the condition to end the loop to determine whether or not you execute the loop at least once, you should put the condition at the beginning of the loop.
    Choose: T/ True F/ False
  11. 3. What are three things that must be done if you are using a memory variable like ct to control a loop? List and explain your answer.