JavaScript problems:

Write code in JavaScript to solve these problems and get them working!

  1. Take in the total amount of a donation you pledged and the number of payments you plan to make and determine the amount of each payment. So if you pledge 100 and say you are making 4 payments that means 25 dollars per payment.

  2. Take in four scores from a game and calculate the average. If the average is above 80 display a message saying well done otherwise display a message saying hopefully next time.

  3. You need to take in the price of three items a customer bought, determine the total price before tax, determine the tax using the tax rate of 6.2% and then determine the total price after taxes. The output should show the total price before tax, the tax and the total price after taxes.

  4. Take in a students major. If the major is CI or BU or OF write the students name. major and Division III. Otherwise write the students name and not Division III.