Some JavaScript problems to solve.

Please submit the programs with an .html extension so I can run them.

Problem #1: Take in the hours you worked for each of the weekdays. Display the total hours worked, the average of the hours worked. If the hours worked is greater than 40, display a message saying entitled to overtime otherwise display a message sayig no overtime.

Problem #2: Redo problem #2 but take in the hours worked in a loop so that each pass through the loop takes in the total for one day.

Problem #3: You want to write a loop that takes in an amount spent, displays it and adds it to a total. You want to continue the loop until the total is greater than 500. You want to display each amount as you process it and you want to display the total at the end.

Problem #4: Redo problem #4 but instead of stopping when the total is greater than 500, I want you to prompt the user and stop when the user decides to stop.