JavaScript problems:

I want you to write the pseudocode or draw the flowchart for the following problems and then I want you to write them in JavaScript and get them working!

  1. Take in the total amount of a donation you pledged and the number of payments you plan to make and determine the amount of each payment. So if you pledge 100 and say you are making 4 payments that means 25 dollars per payment.

  2. Take in four scores from a game and calculate the average. If the average is above 80 display a message saying well done otherwise display a message saying hopefully next time..

  3. You need to take in the price of three items a customer bought, determine the total price before tax, determine the tax using the tax rate of 6.2% and then determine the total price after taxes. The output should show the total price before tax, the tax and the total price after taxes.

  4. Take in a students major. If the major is CI or BU or OF write the students name. major and Division III. Otherwise write the students name and not Division III.

  5. You need to place an order for something in your inventory. You should take in your cost to buy the item. You should also take in the number you are ordering. You can then calculate how much it will be charged to buy the number of items you need at the cost figure you entered.
    Next you want to calculate a discount. If the number you are ordering is over 1000 you will get a 10% discount. If the number is over 500 but not over 1000 you will get a 5% discount. Otherwise you will pay the full charge that you calculated. Display the amount that you will need to pay.