Problem #1: At the beginning of the functions section, I used prompts to take in data and displayed the results with an alert. Write a program that works that way - you decide what you want the function to do.

Problem #2: Rewrite the program from #1 using text boxes to take in the data and display the data. Do not use a return

Problem #3: Rewrite the program from #2, but this time use the return.

Problem #4: Debug this program. Note if num1 is greater than 20 you add three numbers together, if num1 is equal to 20 you multiply two numbers together, otherwise you add two numbers and divide by the third number. Remember, in Firefox you can click on Tools/Web Developer/Web Console for debugging help. Other browsers have something similar.
Problem to debug

Problem #5: Write another program of your own design that passes data to a function and receives the results using return. Inside the function have a loop and an if.