Write these programs:

Problem #1: Please write a program that uses some of the CSS from week 5. I would like to see a parent child relationship, a sibling relationship and a variety of combinations from the examples. You should do 5 different things and put a comment in to explain each example.

Problem #2: Using the CSS validator, test your program and work on getting it to validate using the CSS validator.
Note the CSS validator is at CSS validator.

Problem #3: Please write a program that uses 5 different events.

Problem #4: Take one of the beginning JavaScript problems and turn it into DOM style processing like the examples we covered in in the notes (clearly you need to pick one that I did not modify and what I am looking for is using getElementById).

Problem #5:I would like you to take the MathFacts program and modify it so that the user gets prompted for an answer and you check the user entry against the correct answer and give the user feedback about whether they were correct or not.

EXTRA CREDIT: Modify the MathFacts program again. This time set up a loop so if the user gets it wrong they will stay in the loop and keep getting prompted until they get it right.