Using JavaScript on the Web

You can create a new Web site or you can modify the existing site. If you have the perfect site and you don't want to change it - put a link to the pages for a grade and you can do this assignment there and remove it when you are done. Your examples should show that you understand - in other words, examples that are too close to my examples or from homework will be graded accordingly... or will not count at all
You need to use DOM in the majority of things you do.
When you email me telling me the site is ready to check, you must include a list of the things you did and the specifics on where to find these things.

You must include the following things:

Some of these things can be combined - in other words, you do not have to do separate things. For example, taking in user input can be in a form and it can pass information to a function etc. For people experienced in programming, I would clearly like to see you experiment!