Internet Developer (CIS122/44)

Final Exam - Spring 2022

This is an open note/open book online final exam. Each student is to take the exam on their own with no help from anyone else. You may receive help ONLY from me. The exam is given using the honor system with my trust in you and my confidence that you will not betray that trust. Working with other people, asking questions of other people, helping other people of answering their questions is a betrayal of that trust. It is cheating!

Your final exam is an online final. If you have any questions, email me to clarify. The completed final exam should be turned in via email by the date and time specified for the start of the final. The final is due on the posted date Late exams will lose significant points. You must also turn in the required status sheet that is posted at the site. The status sheet is part of the final and required. I do not correct the final if I do not get it.

You should email the exam to the usual address you use to pass in homework and for backup to Again, remember that the status sheet is a requirement of the course and of the final. It is considered part of the final and I repeat, I will only correct exams for students who turn in the status sheet.

Now let's look at the final: Most of these questions require research on the Web. Many resources have been provided during the course. Feel free to use these or to use other reliable resources you fine. I will be looking for thoughtful answers with a lot of information indicating that you researched the question using a variety of sources (site the source you use by giving the web address). The more thoughtful information you provide, the better. Note the questions have different weights depending on difficulty.This final will probably take more than 2 hours. Because it is open note/open book you will find that the research and problem solving prior to answering the question can be time consuming.

I do not tend to view final exams as a time to test you, but rather as a time for you to review, solidify and expand your knowledge. Last chance to learn the course material and some extra material as well... This course only takes you to a certain level. You need to be able to do research and figure out all of the additional information needed to make your web site a success. My goal here is to have you continue to learn and to put your skills to practical application, so here we go...

Question #1: This question is worth lots more than the other questions. Please research ways to attract people to your site. Your answer should include lots of ideas and should be very specific and should included the references you used. Essentially, your answer should be short paper on the topic. Be sure to cite your sources.
Specifically: Assume that you have created a commercial web site and you want to attract people to your site. I want you to write a plan to draw appropriate visitors to your site and encourage them to repeat visit. In answering this question, be sure to include the following:

Again: I am asking you to handle this question as if you were asked to write a paper on the topic so I want more than two or three paragraphs.

Question #2: Again, I am asking you to handle this question as if you were asked to write a short paper on the topic so I really want more than two or three paragraphs. Read several articles that you find on search engine placement. This question is worth a lot of points so do some research. Give me the links to the sources that you find and use. Be sure to cover the following points in your answer.

Question #3: You encounter a situation where the page you are developing shows up very differently in two browsers. Explain the approach you take to solve this problem. I want you to discuss multiple things that you would do to get an acceptable look on multiple browsers. Please include a brief discussion of a problem you have encountered or have read about on the web.

A lot of the questions below involve setting something up on a form. You can use different forms or you can use a form to answer more than one question.

Question #4: Write some code to do the following:
Set up a JavaScript array for courses you are taking. Assign each course a sequential number starting with one. Make a form that takes in the sequential number and gets the course name from the array.

Question #5: Set up a form with three radio buttons in a group. The form should also have a text box to display a message. The radio button should be for different cars, different pets or something like that. Depending on which radio button is clicked a different message should be written. Do this without using an index. Now redo the problem using an index.

Question #6: Set up an ordered list for the following:

This is the first thing in the ordered list
This is the second thing which will have a nested unordered list below it
These are the things in the nested unordered list
First in the nested list
Second in the nested list
Third in the nested list
Now I am back to the original ordered list
One more thing in the ordered list

Question #7: Set up two areas on a form where you want to put information. Then using DOM put something in the two areas.

Question #8: Use an event to make something happen using DOM.

Question #9: Write the following code using JavaScript and a HTML5 form. Have boxes for item number, on hand, on order, reorder point as well as a box telling the number of items you need to order. The calculation needs to be done in a function and the number of items to order returned to the text box on the form with the return. The user will fill in the item number, on hand, on order and reorder point. If the on hand plus the onorder is less than the reorder point, you want to order enough to reach the reorder point and go 10% higher. So if the reorder point is 100 and on hand plus on order is less than 100 you want to order enough to reach 110 which is 10% over the 100 reorder point. You need to use DOM in this example to get full credit for the problem.

The following examples need to be debugged so that they work correctly.

Question #10: Make sure the cost accurately reflects the cost of the items clicked.
Click to run computer gift problem

Question #11: Make sure the correct advisor is choosen. Use indexes. Once it is working add another option for Cyber Security and Digital Forensics with Frechette.
Click to run professor problem

Question #12: Modify the program in Question #11 so that you use an alternative to indexes.

Question #13: Explain the three methods that can be used to include style in your page and describe what happens when there is a conflict. Describe a situation where you would use each method.

Question #14: If you want something to apply to specific paragraphs and not to other paragraphs, how would you set this up? Show me sample code.

Question #15: Explain the use of classes and the use of ids in CSS.

Question #16: Explain the impact of CSS3 on web development.

Question #17: Modify this program to use getElementById. Program to modify

Question #18: Write a web page that uses external JavaScript. Be sure to include the code for the external JavaScript as well