This is my header - note that it is using the font-size assigned to the class instead of the h1 size.

This is a paragraph that I am going to style - it exists as a demonstration only. I want to add some more text to it so the paragraph will have a chance of wrapping and then I will be able to see a little more of what is going on. The first thing I am going to do with this paragraph is give it a class and then I will use that class in a variety of ways.

I have another paragraph and below that I am going to put a list. Note the first style with an * this is called a universal selector.

  1. This is the first item in my list and I want it to standout so I am assigning that class to it.
  2. This is another item in my list but I do not want this one to standout.
  3. And I might as well make another list item...
Now I am adding a division and it to will have a lot of nothing as the text so I can hopefully get a wrap to take it to a second line - then I will be happy, or at least somewhat happy.
This is a division.

This is a paragraph within the division so it is the child of the division. This is the end of the paragraph.

Now I am still in the division and I am going to close out the division.
This uses the new look class.

This is an h3 header.

This is an h2 header.

This is an h3 header.

This is a small h3 header