Indexes and keys etc

Problem #1: Set up a patient table with a patient id, name, address, code for their primary care doctor.
Set up a doctor table that has the code for the doctor, their name, type of doctor.
The patient table should have a primary key and the code should be a foreign into the doctor table. The patients name should be set up as an index.

Problem #2: Design and develop a set of tables for a payroll system using the information below. Set up the necessary tables for this database and populate them with data. You need to create the appropriate primary keys and foreign keys. Your must design a relational database following the rules to achieve third normal form. If you want me to look at your design before you implement, please send it to me with a comment in the subject that tells me what it is.
You need to use a check constraints, a unique constraint and a null constraint somewhere in this development. You should also create an index.
We will look at a very simple version of payroll. Your payroll has to carry the following information: