Problem #1:
Write a script that uses the information on the Oracle emp table. I want you to use the for cursor loop. I want the cursor to only contain records where the deptno is less than 25. The processing is to give a 10% bonus to employees making less than 3000 and give a 12% bonus to other employees. I want you to display the empno, deptno and bonus.

Problem #2:
These scripts will create two tables (two versions of the first one):
Then write the PL/SQL program to read the files using cursors and write out the total hours worked by each employee. Then write a modification to the program that takes salaried workers and divides their salary by 52 and display and take hourly workers and multiply the hours they worked by the pay per hour. Then continuing with modifications, calculate hourly works pay if they make overtime. You should use a base of 40 hours and pay time and a half.

Problem #3:
Write new scripts or modify existing scripts to show each of the three kinds of exceptions we went over.