Problem #1: You work for a university and you have received several grants to do some development work. You need to keep track of each grant including the amount of money you have, the date you received the grant and the date it must be completed by. You need to keep track of the hours people put in working on the grant and their pay per hour for the time they spend on the grant. You need to keep track of the dates that a person worked on the grant. Using the rules of third normal form, set up the tables you will need and set up the primary keys and the foreign keys to link the tables together. If you want me to look at your design before you implement it, let me know. You need to populate the tables.

Problem #2: Using the table from #1, I want you to use the check constraint and the unique constraint. Explain the problem with using the not null constraint after the table has been populated.

Problem #3: Using the foreign keys from #1, explain how foreign keys are created and how they can be added to a table after it is created. Explain the relationship between primary and foreign keys.

Problem #4: Using the tables from #1, try to create a record that would put on a record with a dupicate primary key. Try to add a record that would be caught by the check or and try to add a record that would be caught by the unique.

Problem #5: You run a law practice with multiple lawyers. Set up a lawyer table and a client table of the firms clients. Set up primary keys for the tables and link them with a foreign key. Set up an index and explain why you indexed on the field you choose.