Status Sheet for CIS150

Fall 2018





How much time on the average did you spend each week on this course?

I would strongly prefer you enter the grade if the assignment has been returned. Tell me if the assignment has been done, done and graded, if you plan to do it or if you will probably never do it!
Let me know if I forgot something, I would figure it out sooner or later anyway...

  • Week #1: Oracle assignment on introductory material
  • Week #2: Inclass if statements
  • Week #2: Second SQL assignment
  • Week #2: Quiz 1
  • Week #3: Function assignment
  • Week #3: Oracle Quiz
  • Week #4: Subquery Quiz
  • Week #4: Multi table assignment
  • Week #5: Subquery assignment
  • Week #6: Views and Reports
  • Week #6: Oracle key example
  • Week #7: Key, index, constraints assignment
  • Week #8: IF assignment
  • Week #9: Loop assignment
  • Week #9: Oracle PL/SQL Intro Quiz
  • Week #10: Cursor program started in class
  • Week #10: Four cursor problems
  • Week #11: Cursor/exception assignment
  • Week #13: Procedure, function, trigger assignment
  • Week #14: Check digit assignment
  • Tell me if I missed anything in the list!

    Tell me any extra credit that you did!

    I cannot give a withdrawal and we are also passed the date where a student can withdraw. So if you have not satisfactorily finished the course your grade will be an F. Note, very few incomplete grades will be given, the college is discouraging incompletes and so they are only given if the majority of your work is done and the incomplete is for justifiable circumstances. If you are allowed to continue working on the course, the highest grade you can get upon completion is a B+. You need to talk to me about the method of submitting work. I may want the work submitted together as opposed to piece by piece. I may give you different work. When you have completed the course let me know so I can calculate your grade. This may take some time because my priority is the current semester, so plan accordingly.