Computer Science at BCC and UMD: The CIS Department'scomputer Science transfer option is a true 2+2 curriculum with seamless transfer to UMD. If you are interested contact Priscilla Grocer, Igor Kholodov, Sil Ferreira or Ralph Sanford. This curriculum was made possible because of a National Science Foundation Grant. The first two courses are CIT73 and CIS73. CIT73 is a course that deals with the concepts of object-oriented programming while CIS73 is the first course in Java. The two courses can be taken together if you want to stay on a two year curriculum, or the CIT73 can be taken first. For real tutition savings, look into Joint Admission between BCC and UMD in Computer Science

Game Development : The CIS Department is really excited about the new Game Development degree program which deals with the programming. graphics and story development of a computer game. We are very fortunate to have some experienced game developers teaching the courses. The experience they bring to BCC is going to really make this an exciting program. For further information, contact Raymon Steele

Distance Learning: Many of the CIS courses are offered on line and two degrees (Programming and Multimedia and the Internet) are available on line via distance learning. If you are interested see Priscilla Grocer or Mike Vieira.

Computer Forensics:The CIS Department and the Criminal Justice Department recently received a National Science Foundation Grant to develop a degree option and certificates in Computer Forensics. We are very excited about this option. For more information contact Priscilla Grocer.

Portfolio: This year we are starting a portfolio development project for all career students. The portfolio will be started in CIS17. As you take other CIS/CIT courses and develop your skills, we want you to add to the portfolio. During your capstone course we will help you develop and refine the final product for evaluation.

Don't forget there is a grant program to help you buy a home computer if you are a CIS major who has doing well in a couple of CIS courses! See Priscilla Grocer for details!

The CIS Department at Bristol offers a strong program that prepares our students for a wide variety of career paths within the computer field. The program is supported by a faculty and staff that are strongly committed to supporting our students and helping them learn! If you have any questions or would like to meet with me to discuss our programs, please don't hesitate to contact me. My phone number on campus is: (508) 678-2811 ext. 2403. My e-mail address is pgrocer@bristol.mass.edu. If I am not available, please leave a message on my voice mail or on my e-mail and I will get back to you as soon as possible.
Priscilla Grocer, Chair CIS Department

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