Articles related to introductory computer classes

This is a list of articles on the Web that can be used to cover topics in Introduction to Business Computer Applications (CIS10) and Introduction to Information Technology (CIS11).
Some of these sites have been checked out extensively, others just look promising. If you find a site that you feel would be helpful, please sent me an email at

Information About Tutorials Free tutorials on CD
History of Computing Computer History Museum
Very comprehensive
Charles Babbage Institute, Center for the History of Information Technology
The Virtual Museum of Computing
Triumph of The Nerds - PBS
Annals of the History of Computing - IEEE
The Machine That Changed the World - PBS
DigiBarn computer museum
The Revolutionaries
Smithsonian - Computer History Collection
More on history of computing
Word Processors Star Office and Open Office:
Star Office Word Processor
Open Office Word Processor
Microsoft Word:
Tutorial for Microsoft Word 97
Tutorial for Microsoft Word 2000
Tutorial for Microsoft Word 2002
Tutorial Information for Microsoft Word XP
Microsoft Word Tutorial
Microsoft Word 2000
Another Word 2000
60 minute XP tutorial
Word 2002/XP Core MOUS
Word 2000 Core MOUS
WordPerfect tutorial on CD
WordPerfect Tutorial
Articles about WordPerfect from SmartComputing
Tutorial of WordPerfect for legal writing - lots of general information
MOUS Certification information Mous Certification Crazy
Internet Very basic
Each of these links take you to an incredible number of links - try following as many as you can! Points to a Wide range of information
Must Read - Internet Tutorials - lots of interesting topics
Browsers Web Browsers
Browser Compatibility Tutorial
Browser information
Browser Resources
Email and Netiquette Core rules of Netiquette
Book on Netiquette
Searching Surf the Web
Basic tutorial on searching the web
Searching and researching on the web
Search engines
Search Engine Watch
Search Engine Submission Tips
Guide to Web Search Engines
Metacrawlers and metasearch engines
All-in-one search
Search engine resources
Evaluating electronic information Rhodes University - Evaluating electronic information
Evaluating and Assessing On-Line Resources
Critically Analyzing Information Sources
Evaluation Criteria
Internet Dectective
The Web Research Resource
Evaluating Electronic Sources
Evaluating Information Resources
e-commerce Center for Research in Electronic Commerce
Start of tutorial on e-commerce
e-commerce times
e-commerce guide
How Computers Work PC Mechanic - how computers work
how stuff works - computers
Computers and the Internet site aimed at kids but, also great to lay a simple foundation
Computer Lessons for Kids and Small Adults
Introduction to Computers
Hardware How stuff works
Computer notes
Definition of a computer - hardware
Fact Monster
Entry level harware tutorial
Click on topics under Components Explained
Hardware Smart Computing
Basic Hardware page
hardware - I don't usually post unless I can find information about the site, but this looked good
Focus on PC Support
Building A Computer Buildpc,net with lots of building and installation
PCMechanic - Build Your Own PC
Build Your Own Computer
Build Your Own PC
Looks interesting - Build A PC
Operating Systems How stuff works
Kinds of operating systems
Software systems components
Operating Systems
Another operating systems
Operating Systems - intro level
Information on a variety of operating systems
Networks From how stuff works
Another from how stuff works
Types of networks
Information on intranet and networks - lots of links to information
Impact on Society IEEE Society on Social Implications of Technology
Ethics Computer Ethics Institute
10 Commandments of Computer Ethics
Computer Ethics
Spreadsheets Star Office and Open Office:
Star Office Word Processor
Open Office Word Processor
Microsoft Excel:
Tutorial for Microsoft Excel 97
Microsoft Lessons on Excel 97
Tutorial for Microsoft Excel 2000
Databases Databases
Online Database Tutorials
Introduction to Databases for the Web (1998 article>
Database Tutoria
Microsoft Access - Database
Resources What is?
A glossary
Client help desk
Tech Web
Newsletters and discussions
Information Systems Resources
Systems Analysis and Design Series of PowerPoint tutorials
Overview of the systems life cycle"
Materials from a course at University of Texas
Systems approach to job hunting
Systems analysis
Powerpoint on systems development concepts
Why General Managers Need to Understand Information Technology
Systems Life Cycle and Intranets
Series of overview tutorials
Design Design your own robot
3GL Program Design
Access Access 2000 tutorial
Microsoft Access Tutorials
Another Microsoft Access Tutorial
Microsoft Access
Microsoft Access 2000
Tutorial on using Microsoft Access - Access 97
Access Tutorials on specific subjects
Access Tutorial
Helpdesk information The Resource Center for Customer Service Representatives
Wide variety of information

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