Download Instructions

There are two versions of the COBOL files on the server, one with a HTML extension and one with a CBL extension. You can download both and both require a little work before you run.


When I save COBOL files on the server with a .html extension, I make changes that need to be reversed. I do this to make the file more readable as a COBOL file, i.e. correct indenting and so forth. You can make the changes within the COBOL editor or within notepad but I find that it works much better if you make the changes in notepad.
Once the < PRE > and < / PRE > have been removed, the file needs to be saved with the .cbl extension. If you make the changes in notepad, then you simply move to MicroFocus COBOL, open the file for edit and proceed. If you made the changes within the COBOL editor, you will see some additional characters added to indicate end of line etc. Simply close the file and reopen it for edit before attempting to compile. Hopefully that works, but...

Hopefully, the program is now ready to be compiled and executed within MicroFocus COBOL.

Note: When I save a program on the Internet, I will try to save it with a x as the first character in the name when I am using the .html extension. This will help to distinguish programs from notes.

One additional warning, before attempting to run a program, check the select and make sure that it is the correct path to the place where you have stored the program. Frequently the path you see will be the path I used on my hard drive. If you are running off the A drive, the path should have A: and the name of the file (and directories if you use them). If you are running of the C drive, the path should havve C: and the directory path followed by the file name.


To save this file simply right click and use the save link as option to save the file to disk. The problem here is when you bring up the file in the COBOL editor you will see a symbol at the end of each line. If you change a line you need to remove the symbol on the line you made changes to. It appears to have no impact on the other lines. You can then compile and execute the program.


The files that you will use are also on the Internet with the .dat extension. These files can be simply saved and used. To save them right click and use the save link as option to save the file to disk. Students have found that the files download better in Netscape then Explorer. If you have problem with the files, send me an email and I will send them to you as an attachment. All files needed for assignments will also be available in K-104 so they can be copied!


Send me an email and I will send you a copy of the program as an attachment.

If you are still overwhelmed, we can set up some lab time in the labs and I can walk you through some of this.