Navigating the pages associated with CIS12:

I strongly suggest that you take a little while and navigate my web site so that you familiarize yourself with what is available and where it is located. There are notes, PowerPoint presentations and sample programming examples that will benefit you as you learn the material.

There are two texts suggested as reference for this course. The text by Mike Murach is the more comprehensive text and the one by Shelly and Cashman is more introductory. The information for the course is available at the Web Site and the order that the material is presented in the course will follow the weekly schedule laid out at the web site. However, you may find a textbook very valuable for reference.

If you have a PC computer at home, I suggest that you acquire a student version of the COBOL compiler so you can work at home on your own schedule. COBOL is also available in many of the K Building labs. See below for information about where to go on the web to acquire this.

On the home page for the course:

The home page for the course gives you access to all of the site pages that apply to the course that you are taking. The top box presents access to this information by category.

The other information on the home page contains the notes and presentation links. The sample programs and the weekly schedule are on separate pages and are accessed through the home page.