Quiz for Visual Basic

Problem #1: For this question use the program at: Problem 1

  1. In the sort, explain the if comparison
  2. What limitations are there on the comparison field I use to do the sort?
  3. What do I actually flip and why?

Problem #2: For this qustion use the program at: Problem 2

Problem #3: Use a program that you have already written (or a new one if you want to) and create a function that you call and send data to.

Problem #4: Set up four buttons as well as input and output areas. The four buttons are: 1) execute a procedure by reference, 2) execute a procedure by value, 3) execute a function by reference and 4) execute a function by value. I want want you to do something with grades such as calculate an average or something similar. Write the code so that you show messages in a list box that demonstrate the differences. Comment the program to explain what is happening. Remember the quote from the Gaddis and Irvine Visual Basic book: "There are two ways to pass an argument to a procedure: by value or by reference. Passing an argument by value means that only a copy of the argument is passed to the procedure. Because the procedure has only a copy, it cannot make changes to the original argument. When an argument is passed by reference, however, the procedure has access to the original argument and can make changes to it."