Step by step

  1. Click on Horizon - you will see to click on
  2. You may need to do the the Bristol security login for your account or it may have been done recently enough so it is skipped
  3. You will then see a login page that will ask for your password - use your Bristol login password
  4. You will now get a display of pools - select CIS VDI Pool
  5. You will see the desktop for the virtual machine and you need to select software
  6. Now select putty in the scroll list to the right
  7. You will now see Putty configuration and you need to enter the host name of IP address as and the port as 220 and then open
  8. You will then get a login screen - now you are going to use the username and password sent to you for this course so enter them
  9. You will then see username@cisweb and a $ where you enter mysql -u username -p
  10. Then enter your password again - note you were given a password that is used twice
  11. Now you will see the SQL prompt
  12. IT has created two databases for you to use. They are your username_1 and your username_2. So when you go in you want to use one of those databases. You can put all kinds of tables in them - payroll, inventory etc. You can start off by saying use followed by one of your databases.I have more flexibility and can either use existing databases I have made in the past or create a new database I put in create database newS24; and then use newS24;
  13. Then I can create a table using create table, see example below
create table firstS24
(idno int(4),
namz varchar(20),
major char(2),
gpa float(3,2));

Then you can use desc firstS24 to see the structure. This would be followed with insert statements to put in data and query statements to retrieve data meeting specified criteria.