Summary of assignments:

Work is due the week after it is assigned unless I specify a different date in the assignment.
See the weekly schedule for details. This is a summary - to be sure you have everything check the week of assignment list where I discuss the entire unit. This is not the official list of assignments.

Week #13 (April 24th)

  1. Database assignment
  2. Softskills assignment

Week #12 (April 17th)

  1. Second Visual Basic assignment

Week #11 (April 10th)

  1. First Visual Basic assignment
  2. Portfolio Project

Week #10 (April 3rd)

  1. Hex and ASCII

Week #9 (March 27th)

  1. Binary and Hex
  2. Career and mentor paper

Week #8 (March 20th)

  1. Rock, Paper, Scissors written in JavaScript
  2. Second JavaScript assignment

Week #7 (March 6th)

  1. First JavaScript assignment

Week #6 (February 27th)

  1. In class exercise
  2. Logic Powerpoint assignment
  3. Flowchart and Pseudocode assignment (quiz/test)

Week #5 (February 20th)

  1. Quiz #3

Week #4 (February 13th)

  1. Logic assignment

Week #3 (February 6th)

  1. Quiz #2
  2. Access group project
  3. Softskills database to query with SQL

Week #2 (January 30th)

  1. Web page up on cisweb
  2. Quiz #1
  3. Access assignment #1 on Resources database

Week #1 (January 23rd)

  1. Survey - you need to email me and tell me you did it
  2. HTML page to introduce yourself