JavaScript Assignment #2:

1. Write the program to solve the problem shown in problem #1 in Logic Quiz.

   amt1 = 1
   amt2 = 2
   ans = 0
   do while  amt2 < 15
      if amt1 > 10
         amt1 = amt1 + 1
         amt2 = amt2 + 1
         amt1 = amt1 + 5
         amt2 = amt2 + 5
      end if
  end while loop
  ans = amt1 + amt2 
  display ans

2. Take in an inventory item, the price, and the cost. Figure out the profit. If the profit is greater than half the cost write the message saying high profit. If the profit is greater than a quarter of the cost write message saying good profit. Otherwise write the message saying check profit. Make a loop that takes in three items.

3. You are having a four day sale. The price of an item will drop 10% each day. Take in a price and do a while loop to print out the price for each day of the sale.

4. You are depositing money in an account. You deposit different amounts each week. No deposit can be over $300. When you have deposited $1000 you want to end the program and tell how many weeks it took to reach the goal and the total amount of the deposits.

5. Write the program to play the Rock, Paper, Scissors game. A game is one random guess by the computer compared to user input. Write the program so the user can choose to play again or quit. Your program should be unique and not similiar to any solutions found on the web.