Links for CIS120/CIS17 - Progamming: Logic, Design and Implementation

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Some of these I have checked out, some just look promising. Let me know which ones are helpful and definately let me know if you find some good links!
HTML5 and HTML and XHTML tutorials (if you are new to HTML, I suggest you start with HTML5 Code school HTML
HTML5 tutorial
Goes far beyond what we are covering
Wide variety of tutorials
W3schools and HTML5
W3schools tutorial on XHTML
Web tutorials including XHTML, CSS etc
XHTML tutorial
XHTML tutorial from HTML Goodies
The HTML Writers Guild
Barebones tutorial
Introduction to html
Dave tutorial
Beginners Guide to HTML
CSS quick tutorial
Stylesheets Tutorial
W3C - Adding a touch of style
CSS Tutorial
Variety of web tutorials from Hudson Community College
Color codes Color chart
Color information
Another color reference
Normalization Normalization information from About

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