This semester, I will post short quiz questions at the website for Tuesday and/or Thursday. You need to turn in the answers in an email (no attachments, just on an email). If the post is for Tuesday the questions must be turned in by Thursday, if the post is for Thursday they must be turned in by Saturday. Over the course of the semester, my goal is to post 50 to 100 questions plus some for extra credit. Taken together these quizzes will count as an exam. I will not accept late quiz answers.

Question #1: You write your HTML page in Notepad. Then you save it with a ___________ extension. Then you open it in a _____________. If the page does not appear as you wanted, you go back to the code in _____________ and determine what you need to change.

Question #2: You are writing a web page called mypage.html. In the page, you want to link to a page called newpage.html which is located in the same directory. Write the html code to make this link.

Question #3: On your web page, you want to include an image called myimage.gif. Write the html code to have the picture show on the page.

Question #4: I need to correct your html pages called mypage.html which includes the image called myimage.gif and newpage.html. What attachments will be in your email.

Question #5: What does HTML stand for? Is HTML considered a programming language?