Quiz #2

This quiz has questions about Access and questions from the text.
If the statement is false, you must tell why or you must correct the statement:

Question #1: True or False (and why): In Access, the field(s) labeled as the primary key must contain data and the data must be unique. No two primary keys can have the same value.

Question #2: True or False (and why): If two things in an Access query are in an OR relationship, they both have to be true to meet the criteria?

Question #3: What are the three major operations that computer hardware and software accomplish?

Question #4: After your write a computer program, a _____________ or _____________ is used to translate your program into machine language.

Question #5: What are the steps in the program development cycle?

Question #6: When you write a computer program and you make a mistake in the language, for example using RIGHT instead of WRITE, you have made a _______________ error.

Question #7: If you add the data in payPerHour to the data in HrsWorked instead of multiplying them together, that is called a ______________ error.

Question #8: Two tools discussed in the text that you can use to plan the logic for a program are _________________ and ____________________.

Question #9: In Access, if you have a situation where condA has to be true and in addition either condB or condC has to be true, how would you enter the conditions on the criteria and or lines in a query.