Quiz #4

This quiz deals mostly with questions from chapter #3 in the text. If the answer on a T/F is False, please correct or explain.

Question #1: What are the three basic structures of a program?

Question #2: What is the code that shows an IF with actions and an else with actions called in your text book?

Question #3: True or False: A loop needs to have code that tells when to stop repeating the loop.

Question #4: True or False: With a loop structure, a condition is evaluated and if the answer is true you execute the loop again, if it is not true, you drop out of the loop.

Question #5: When the programmer places a structure within another structure it is called ____________.

Question #6: Having one structure followed by another followed by another is called _______________.

Question #7: A statement that gets the first input value in the program is called a ____________________.

Question #8: The book discusses several reasons for using good structure when you write a program. These reasons are: _______________________________.