Quiz #8

Question #1: What are the three things that a programmer has to code to make a loop work effectively?

Question #2: In Visual Basic you can use Val(ans) to convert ans to a numeric. How can you do the conversion in JavaScript?

Question #3: Visual Basic is event driven. How do you set up an event in Visual Basic.

Question #4: When you name a Visual Basic label, convention suggests that you start the name with what three letters?

Question #5: True or False: When you put the text box on the form you have put an object on the form.

Question #6: You can change the look of the text box by setting ______________________.

Question #7: When you want to put a message in a text box named txtMessage, the best way of coding is:

  1. txtMessage.Text = "Hello World"
  2. txtMessage.Text = Hello World
  3. txtMessage = "Hello World"

Question #8: Which loop structure executes the loop code at least once?

Question #9: Which loop structure can be set up so that you may or may not enter the loop code?