Navigating the pages associated with CIS17:

I strongly suggest that you take a little while and navigate my web site so that you familiarize yourself with what is available and where it is located. There are notes, PowerPoint presentations and sample programming examples that will benefit you as you learn the material.

On the home page for the course:

The home page for the course gives you access to all of the site pages that apply to the course that you are taking. The listing on the left side gives you access to each category. On the right, you will see the Weekly Schedule. This is what you should follow. If will tell you what to do each week.

·         About This Course

·         Site Resources:

The student should use the weekly schedule to tell them what to read and look at in each of these site resource categories. For example, if I say to look at the PowerPoint that goes with assignment #1, you should go to the Presentations and find the appropriate PowerPoint. The same applies to Notes and Handouts, Examples and Programs.

·         Weekly Schedule:

I have already mentioned the third category, Weekly Schedule. This is the outline of the course that you should follow. Your success in the course is closely related to how carefully you follow the weekly schedule. The schedule will include things to read, resources to check both at the web site and other places and assignments and quizzes that must be passed in. Several times a week, you should check this weekly schedule to determine what you are being asked to do.

·         Links

In this category, I provide some links to areas on the Web where you can find supplementary information and tutorials.