I want you to do one or more pages that illustrate the following:
Feel free to make changes to the programs to improve them if you so desire.
  1. Use getElementById
  2. Use getElementsByTagName
  3. Use what you extracted with the tag name and display the second element in the collection
  4. Use getElementsByClassName
  5. Use what you extract with the class name and display the last element in the collection
  6. Make a loop where you add an element to a list on each pass - when the loop is done, display the list
  7. Make an array that contains itemNo, itemName, price for a series of products. Use a loop and extract and display information about each item.
  8. Do a program similar to this one http://www.pgrocer.net/CIS122/assocarraycrsDOM.html but use your own idea to make the array
  9. Do a program similar to this one http://www.pgrocer.net/Cis44/checkboxes/radiopay1.html
  10. Alter the program above to include an id for each radio button and test using the id
  11. Do a program similar to this one http://www.pgrocer.net/CIS122/DOMBasics6.html but add in two other things you can test for