First HTML Assignment

If you are going to be in class, please do not start this assignment until you get to class. We are going to do it in an open lab. All students must submit the results for a grade!

Open Notepad to write your HTML code in. You will also need to open Netscape (or Explorer) to view the results. It doesnt matter whether you are connected to the Internet or not when you are working in the labs. At home, I would recommend that you not be connected. I keep them both opening while I am working in HTML. NOTE: There is no requirement that this page make any sense. You are simply working with HTML tags.

This assignment can be passed in on disk or you can pass in the HTML source code with a picture(s) of the Web Page or best yet, you can send it to me as an email attachment.

The next assignment I definately want as an attachment, so please bring a disk to class so you can save and finish at home.

Note: To take a picture of the page, press print screen while the page is being displayed. Then go over to word and do an EDIT/PASTE. The image will now appear on a word document. You can then print that document or save it for future printing.

Write a simple HTML program that includes the following: HEAD, TITLE and BODY with a couple of lines of text.

Save it on your A drive disk with the extension .html. If you dont have a disk for the A drive, save it in a directory you create on the C drive. Please delete it after the session. Obviously if you are a distance learning student you can ignore this section and save it where ever you want!!!!

Go to Netscape Communicator and select FILE/OPEN PAGE. If you are in another version of Netscape or using another browser, the wording will be different - try to find something that looks like it will open a page in your browser.

A window will come up that will let you select the file. On Netscape Communicator there is a button that says Choose File that lets you find the file and a button that says OPEN which lets you open the file once it has been selected. Note: You want to open it in Navigator.

Go back and modify your HTML code to include the following elements:


Another H in range H2 H6








Next we will go over Web Page 3 and Web Page 4 in class. At this point you will need to go back and modify your page to include the following elements.

Background color

Text color (default)


Font size

Text color for a phrase


Blink if you must



Try a nested list (UL & LI)


Next we will go over Web Page 5 in class.

At this point you will need to go back and modify your page to include the following elements.


OL with LI

UL list with different bullet

OL with letters