This is a page called datetime

In previous examples, I have used LANGUAGE - here I am using another way to express that I am writing in JavaScript which is TYPE.

In this example I am using the document object. It represents what is being displayed currently on the browser and therefore lets you specify the HTML to be displayed in the current document. We will look at other objects that control access and management of other elements of the HTML document. Looking at the concept of object oriented programming, an object has methods such as the write method shown above. The thing that is to be written ic called the argument.

The date and time is...

Notice that in this code the A HREF link refers to a location on the page which is near the point where the onClick event is happening. This means that I am not linking to another page or the same page, but simply to a place on the page so there is no load time involved. Note that if the NAME was at the top or far from the point, I might have a repositioning of the screen.