This is web9.html

This is going to summarize some of the things involved in linking/branching within your page(s). We will look at linking within a page, linking to another page in your directory, and linking to another location within another page.


This is an entry to the first point that I am going to make.
There is a link from another point in the page to this point. NAME designates the entry point. You can then set up a HREF some where else on the page to link to this entry point. I am now going to set up two more entry points for my other points. The entry points that I have set up before have been invisible. These are going to be identified by the word FIRST or SECOND or THIRD that I put between the A and the close of the A.


Second I want to discuss linking to another page. If the other page is in the same directory then I simply need to give the file name in the HREF link. If the other page is in another directory, I need to give the path name to find the other page. This means if there are one or more directories involved they have to be included in the path so the file can be found. From this page, which I saved under the name web9.html, I am going to link to a page in the same directory called web9a.html. To do this I will enter the following link:"web9a.html".

Link to web9a

The page address is included after HREF and it is enclosed in quotes. The words Link to web9a are what appears on the page telling the user where to click to execute the link.

The link that follows will link back up to the first point that I am making on this page - the one I gave the NAME of first.

Link to the first point

Note that I have to have the # to indicate link within the page. The words Link to the first point are enclosed within the A and the close of the A. This is the point where the user will click to execute the link.


The NAME above establishes a third entry point on this page.
The third point that I am going to make involves linking not just to another page but to another spot on that page. For example lets say that once I have linked over to web9a.html, I want to link back to this page, but instead of coming in at the top of the page, I want to come in at the beginning of the second point. In that case the link will not only give the page that I want to link to, but the NAME entry point that I want to come in at. This is done by adding the #second to the page link that gets me to web9.html. Use the link above to link over to web9a.html and then see the link that sends you back to this page at the NAME second entry point.

At the top of the page, I established a link to point called top. I did not give this spot a name - it is an invisible entry point. This is the link to the top of the page.

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