This code will be centered

This is not centered

Now I am centering again

You can use left to align as well although left is the default.

You can also right align using the align clause.

This Web Page has a non white background because the background color was set to FFFFC2. Note that #FFFFFF is pure white and #000000 is pure black. I randomly put in 000BBB for the text and got a blue coloring.
For the list of different codes and colors, go to my Web site and look for a listing under colors. NOTE: The # in front of the color code is not required in HTML.

This gives me a large font
This gives me red text
Note that for standard colors, I can assign the color red to the font. For more subtle shades, I need to use the code for that color or the assigned name. Read about how colors are treated by browsers and true colors. In this example I used 00dd00 which gave me a shade of green.