H1 header is first in the group

H2 header is second in the group

H3 header is third in the group

H4 header is fourth in the group

H5 header is fifth in the group
H6 header is sixth in the group

This is a paragrah that is being used to show how the code written in a paragraph will wrap when you reach the end of the line. When that wrap will occur depends how wide the screen is and the size of the font etc. I hope that I have written enough to make it wrap.
Now I want to mention the hgroup which is used to group headers. It is not required as you will see in the next version of this code. Notice also the break between the sentences. In HTML and HTML5 this can simply be written as <br>. In XHTML it had to be written as <br /> because it XHTML you needed to have self-closing tags written with the space and then the slash. The break is a self closing tag as opposed to the h1 tag which as both an opening and a closing tag: <h1> is the opening tag and </h1> is the closing tag. Notice that I am using < to represent the less than symbol when it is not being part of a tag I am using and > to represent the greater than symbol. To truly see what I am saying, please look at the source code.