Preformatted text lets you enclose text in the <pre> and </pre> tags and have the text appear using the original format. I use this a lot when I want to show programming code on my web pages. The text between the tags is usually shown using a fixed width or monospaced font which means that each character of the text has the same width.See the example below:

If wrkWeight < 17 Then
   wrkCost = cstFirstLb
   wrkWeight = wrkWeight - 16
   wrkCost = cstFirstLb
   Do While wrkWeight > 0
       wrkCost = wrkCost + cstEvery4oz
       wrkWeight = wrkWeight - 4
End If

Be sure to check the source code to see how these were coded! Note that in some browsers you can use the less than symbol, but < written with & lt ; is the same way to go.