Linking using a href

Link establishes the color of the link before it is activated, vlink establishes the color of the link after it has been visited and alink establishes the color of the link while it is active - a quick change in the color when the link is clicked.

When you link to another page you need to give the name of the page and the unless the page is located in the same directory, you need to give the address of the page that you are going to bring up as the new page. If the page is on your hard drive, you use hard drive addressess. If the page is out on the web, you use web addresses. If the page is at a totally different web site, you should use the complete address starting with http.

There is a new link focus which I did not use here - it is related to selecting using the keyboard.

The order that you list the style rules in is important because if two things apply, the later rule wins. So you should do link visited, focus, hover, active.

Link to another page in the same directory

Link to linkwithinpageid5.html

Link to an anchor spot within another page - still in same directory

Link to fulltext within linkwithinpageid5.html

Link to a different web site - in this case the BCC web site

Link to BCC