Articles related to Web User/Developer - CIS44

This is a list of articles on the Web that can be used to meet the LogBook project required in Mrs. Grocer's CIS44 class. It is also an excellent reference if you are looking for information to complete other assignments in CIS44.

Internet Sources Link to retrieve
Tutorials etc- also see individual topics HTML5 tutorial
Another HTML5 tutorial
HTML5 and CSS3
Dealing with CSS3
Wide variety of tutorials including HTML and XHTML and HTML5 and CSS
W3schools tutorial on XHTML
Web tutorials including XHTML, CSS etc
XHTML tutorial
XHTML tutorial I came across
XHTML tutorial
XHTML tutorial from HTML Goodies
The HTML Writers Guild
Barebones tutorial
Introduction to html
Dave tutorial
Beginners Guide to HTML
CSS quick tutorial
Stylesheets Tutorial
W3c - Adding a touch of style
CSS Tutorial
Variety of web tutorials from Hudson Community College
XHTML tutorial
XHTML XHTML Information and Resources
XHTML tutorials
XHTML - An introduction
Better Living Through XHTML
The XHTML transition
Do a search on XHTML to see a variety of articles
Another site where a search on XHTML brings a variety of articles
XHTML 1.0: Where XML and HTML meet
Another resource where a search for XHTML will bring up a variety of results
Marking up documents in XHTML
XHTML overview
Introduction to XHTML with examples
XHTML tutorial I came across
Another one I came across
And another...
Information, history and tutorial
Guide to CSS - XHTML
General information sites A list apart for people who make web sites
Zen Garden
CSS Zen Garden Resource Guide
XHTML/CSS Fundamentals
CSS Tutorial - lots of good information here
Webdesign About
Converting from HTML to XHTML Designing in XHTML with CSS
Browsers/Web etc Opera browser - widely used in Europe especially
History of the Internet
Smart Computing Magazine - home page and articles Smart Computing Articles - Interesting selection of How To etc. articles
Web resources and toolsWeb resources and tools
More information on creating a Web Site Microsoft Library
Microsofts design page with links to many articles - now merged with library
Web Tools Review
Web Resource Center
List of graphics libraries
Site dealing with hosting resources Information source Information source
Websafe colors
tkdrew portfolio
Page Resource example from pageresource
Web graphics Creating Great Web Graphics
Example from Creating Great Web Graphics
Creating Web Graphics
Creating web graphics: theory
Optimizing Web Graphics
Graphics - PaintShop
Graphic greats
Designing a Web Site Web Page Design
IBM design guidelines
Yale Web Style Guide
List of interesting sites on web usability
Accessible Site Design
Information and links to other sites - some excellent resources
Interesting design tips and references
Current Issues in Web Usability - links to a lot of articles
12 Web Design decisions...
Web site tips
Note additional articles on HTML
in the list of Smart Computing articles
Using tables
The Bare Bones Guide to HTML
The Web Design Resource - Learn how to design your own web site with HTML
HTML Tutorial
W3C's Home Page for HTML
Introduction to HTML 4.0 (from above)
HTML 4.0 Specification (from above)
HTML Activity (from above)
Case Western References - Index
Using tables
HTML Cheats
Webmonkey - HTML cheat sheet
DevEdge Online - TechNotes
Dave's Site - HTML
Introduction to HTML - Case Western Reserve University
NCSA - A Beginner's Guide to HTML
The HTML Writers Guild
Dynamic Headline Fader
Frames - An Introduction
Color Codes
Color chart
Color information
Another color reference
Information on meta tags
Meta tags
Web Development Webmonkey - web developers resource - not a beginners site
Using WSFTPLE to ftp your site Home site for wsftple
Tutorial on uploading sites
Downloading WSFTPLE
Source to download
Cascading Style Sheets CSS tutorial
Hands-on CSS Tutorial
W3 recommendations for level 1
Cascading Style Sheet links
Part 1 of a brief tutorial
Part 2 of the brief tutorial started above
First chapter of text on Cascading Style Sheets
Tutorial on CSS
CSS Tutorial for kids
More information on CSS
Practical CSS
Interesting source to advance your CSS
Information on using CSS effectively (

Shadow Fox -information on web development and CSS
Skim CSS
Ten CSS tricks you may not know
Introduction to CSS
More sitepoint
CSS Shorthand
Quick reference for CSS
CSS reference from w3 schools
CSS reference
Dynamic HTML DHTML Tutorial
DHTML central - scripts
JavaScript JavaScript Tutorial I have referenced in assignments
JavaScript Tutorial - w3schools
Link to tutorials
JavaScript tutorials/examples etc.
Links to a series of articles from JavaWorld on this page
JavaScript Tutorial for kids. Code and explanations
JavaScript tutorial
JavaScript Kit
WebTeacher on JavaScript
Tools - Misc Setting up a board room
GeoCities - Yahoo
Trouble shooting web information - an example from site above
CuteFTP web site
How to Write a Good Newsgroup Message
Some useful Resources on the Web Index of resources of Internet Education Clearinghouse
What is?
Web glossary
Webmaster definition and links
Web Stuff - Authoring Web Pages
W3C - HTTP Activity
Webmaster's Reference Library
A glossary
Client help desk
Visibone references
More WWW resources TechEncyclopedia
Dr. Randall Hansen's Guide to Internet Marketing
ACM Student Web
W3C - About the World Wide Web
W3C - World Wide Web Consortium
Searching and researching on the Internet
Newletter guide etc.
Poor Richard's Web Site - sample chapters available
Poor Richard's Web Site News Archives"
Design and site recognition etc Usable Web - resources
Information on web design
Site development - help and tutorials
Design tips
Design tips
Webmaster Tutorial
Website tips
Article on design usability from
Another article on design tips
And another on web design, tips etc.
Web Design Review
Points to some interesting resources
Jakob Neilsen website
More web design tips
Not just a pretty page
Article on web usability
Usability article
Site building
Searching the Web Search Engine Tutorial for Web Designers
Fundamental Differences between Search Engines and Web Directories
Search Engine Features for Webmasters
Search Engine Listings
Web Searching Tips
Search Engine Resources
Basic Tutorial on searching the web
W3 Search Engines - lots of links and information
Search Engine Watch - information, evaluation etc.
Search Engine Submission tips
Rank web pages
Placement tips
Meta tags
Optimization tips
Search Engine or Directory
Information and guide to effectively searching the web
Entry point to a wide variety of information
WebPosition - product add with interesting info
Yahoo - variety or resources on search engines etc.
Any Browser
Using the web
Boolean Search Information Alta Vista advanced search information
Information on boolean search
More information on boolean search
And more...
And still more...
One more...

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