XHTML samples for CIS122/CIS44 - Internet Developer

Sample XHTML code Link to retrieve - To see the XHTML code, use View/PageSource
XHTML - Getting started gsfirst.html (standard HTML)
gsxfirst.html (XHTML - validates strict)
gsxfirstnop.html (error)
gsxfirstnoclose.html (error)
XHTML - Intro webheader.html (using headers) - validates strict
webheaders.html (more on headers) - validates strict
webhdslist.html (unordered list) - validates strict
webordlist.html (ordered list) - validates strict
webpara.html (paragraphs) - validates strict
webparaspace.html (paragraphs and spacing) - validates strict
webparabr.html (line break and paragraph) - validates strict
webtextfor.html (bold, italics, big etc) - validates strict
strictblockquote.html (block quote - strict) - does not validate strict
testblockquote.html (block quote - transitional) - validates transitional
strictblockquotepara.html (block quote with paragraph - validates strict
strictblockquoteh1.html (block quote and header) - validates strict
webblockquote.html (block quote with nesting) - validates strict
webordlistsinv.html (more lists) - does not validate transitional
weblistspart.html (lists and bullets) - does not validate strict
embedlist.html (embedded list that validates - validates strict
morefeatures.html (definition list, em etc) - validates strict
webpre.html (predefined) - validates strict
webdiv.html (divisions) - validates strict
CSS (style) and formatting colorbkHTML.html (adding color in HTML) - does not validate strict
colorbkCSS.html (adding color with CSS - notice browser differences) - validates strict- problems
colorbkCSSnew.html (adding color with CSS - eliminating quotes)
expercolor.html (ways to show color) validate strict
colorbkCSSnewrev.html - revised version which seems to work better in more browsers - test it
colorbkheadCSS.html (CSS in head - notice browser differences) - validates strict
colorbkheadCSSrev.html - revision of example above - works better in more browsers
morecolor.html (more with color in HTML) - does not validate strict
morecolorCSS.html (more with color and CSS - notice browser differences) - validates strict
horizonline.html (horizontal line) - does not validate strict
horizonlineCSS.html (horizontal line and CSS) - validates strict
horizondiffCSS.html (more horizontal line and CSS - validates strict
Links linkwithinpageid.html (linking within page - using id) - validates strict
linkwithinpage.html (linking within page - using name) - validates strict
linkfrom.html (linking from) - validates strict
linkfromcolor.html (using color in links) - validates strict
linkbodycolor.html (more on color in links) - does not validate strict
Tables introtables.html (introduction to tables) - validates transitional
introtablesX.html (introduction to tables - XHTML) - validates strict
conttables.html (more on tables) - validates transitional with limitations
tablecapX.html (captions in tables - browser differences) - validates strict
conttablesX.html (more on tables with XHTML) - validates strict
Examples about centering tables:
     Center/Table Example #1      Center/Table Example #2      Center/Table Example #3
     Center/Table Example #4      Center/Table Example #5      Center/Table Example #6
CISF03.html (tables in schedule) - validates transitional
CISF03X.html (tables in schedule - XHTML) - validates strict
CISF03Xexper1.html (tables in schedule - XHTML - additional features) - validates strict
Images introimages.html (introduction to images) - validates transitional
introimagesX1.html (introduction to images with XHTML - part 1) - validates strict
introimagesX2.html (introduction to images with XHTML - part 2) - validates strict
introimagesX3.html (introduction to images with XHTML - part 3) - validates strict
introimagesX4.html (introduction to images with XHTML - part 4) - validates strict
moreim.html (more on images) - validates transitional
bigim.html (link from above to big image) - validates transitional
moreimX.html (more on images - XHTML) - validates strict
bigimX.html (link from above to big image - XHTML) - validates strict
snow.html (photograph) - validates transitional
snowX.html (photograph - strict XHTML - notice browser differences) - validates strict
Frames indextbx.html (frames top and bottom) - validates frameset
indexlrx.html (frames left and right) - validates frameset
indexlrtbx.html (frames - 4 quarters) - validates frameset
indextlrbx.html (frames - nested) - validates frameset
hdrtx.html (page within frame - top) - validates strict
hdrbx.html (page within frame - bottom) - validates strict
hdrlx.html (page within frame - left) - validates strict
hdrrx.html (page within frame - right) - validates strict
More on frames...
indexlrtar1x.html (frame with target _self) - validates frameset
indexlrtar2x.html (frame with target _top) - validates frameset
indexlrtar3x.html (frame with target _blank) - validates frameset
indexlrtar4x.html (frame with target named) - validates frameset
hdrrtar1x.html (page using target _self) - validates transitional
hdrrtar2x.html (page using target _top) - validates transitional
hdrrtar3x.html (page using target _blank) - validates transitional
hdrltar4x.html (page using named target) - validates transitional
hdrrtar4x.html (page using named to change) - validates strict
hdrrnew.html (new page replacing original - used with target) - validates strict
indexprop.html (noresize and noscroll - HTML) - validation problems
indexpropx.html (noresize and noscroll - XHTML) - validates frameset
Mapping mapimage.html - validates strict
mapnameid.html - validates strict
Forms introformX.html - validates strict
contformX.html - validates strict
iframes iframemainver2.html

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