First Web Page Project

Your project is to generate a professional web site that could be used by a real company. My very strong preference is that you contact a friend or talk to a company where you work and get information about what the company would like - if this isn't possible then you will have to be the contact person at your fictitious company and wear two hats.

You need to decide on a look/feel for your web site and a goal or goals that you want to accomplish. Part of the project is to pass in a paper articulating this information. You should think through the navigation of the site and use techniques that you will make your site easy to work with. In addition, you must map your site - this should be passed in along with the project. This use of the term map means to provide a flow of the pages in your site. I will be putting out examples of this in a few days. There must be multiple pages or files associated with the site. Clearly you should be creating a masterpiece! However, given the time constraints you may have to settle for a little less!
To do this project you need to have a site on the web where you can install - if your carrier does not provide this service, you can go to geocities, tripod or a similar site that allows free web sites.

Contact me if you are having problems!

You will receive three grades for this project: