Second search engine assignment


My husband has heard that bats in Austin, Texas keep down the mosquitoes. Please check out these rumors. Find an article about the history of bats in Austin. Tell me the addresses where you found it.


I want to find some places where I can buy bat houses for my back yard. Again, the search and the results. Give me an address.


Recently there has been research on narcolepsy in mice and dogs that has provided some valuable information. Find an article on this.


The new Russian president, Vladimir V. Putin, is somewhat of an unknown. Find information about his philosophy and where he might lead Russia.


I would like to know more about vitamin D. Please find me the information. Provide the address.


My daughter is allergic to sugar. I want to find recipes for corn bread or cornbread that do not use sugar. Again, tell me the searches you did and the results. If in doing the search, Fred and his wife Bessie and the story of their cornbread doesnt come up do a search for them. Give me the address for a recipe and the address for the Fred and Bessie story.


My daughter and son-in-law are in Turkey. Find information about the relief efforts from the earthquake(s). See if you can find information about "crush syndrome" related to the earthquake. What was the address.


I want to go out and eat in New York city when I go to visit my son next. I want to eat either French or Thai food and I want it to be in a reasonable price range. Tell me the search you did to get me a list and how many possibilities I have to choose from. I would also like to see a Broadway or off Broadway show. Find me a list of what is playing currently in New York.


My son is thing about doing a paper on the oil companies and Azerbaijan. Help him find some information. Use two different search engines to find information. Let me know what you found.


My daughter and son-in-law will be spending time in Azerbaijan. Using a search engine and then using the directories in Yahoo, find information on the culture of Azerbaijan. Let me know what you find, where and how including an address.