Second web project & JavaScript Assignment

Here is the plan: On your Web Site you must include the following elements.

In addition: On your Web Site or in the separate assignment you must include the following elements. However, there must be at least 6 JavaScript elements incorporated in the actual site. If in fact you incorporate all of these in your page you can so note and skip the separate assignment.

Note: Some of these can be combined - in other words you do not have to do separate things. For example, taking in user input can be in a form and it can pass information to a function etc. For people experience in programming, I would clearly like to see you experiment. For people new to programming feel free to take full advantage of my examples or examples on the Web.

The changes you make should be documented! Test the page using Netscape and Explorer and detail any problems you encounter!

If these things do not fit into you site, you can include a page or pages that are clearly labeled as being there only to satisfy MY requirements. This will prevent you from having to mess up the perfect site.