XML Assignment:

After looking at and working with the orders.xml that I sent you, I want you to try making one of your own. This will not be as well designed as it could be with more experience, but... It is a start. I have eliminated some of the things that would make this complex.

We are going to design for a student taking multiple courses and we are going to set up the course information using ENTITY.
I want you to set up entities for four or 5 courses using the CRN followed by something like "CIS44 Internet Developer".
For each student you want the following information (name, address, year they entered, major, option, gpa and the courses they took) Make some of these option. You also want to use ATTLIST to set up a required ID.
For each course we are going to identify the course id with a combination of studentid and CRN set up as one field as an attribute, I also included a taken by field as an attribute and then the crn, the datetaken and grade as elements. This has some redundancy to it but it makes the design easier.

Set up the xml and do two sample students. Get verification from the validator at W3.