Links for information on the topics covered in CIS47
Interactive Web Sites

Links Source for Perl
Free Perl Code
Perl information at About
Brinkster - you need to open a free account with them
Webmatrix to use with ASP.NET
4 guys - information on
xmlspy which you need to use to test XML
Cooktop - another XML editor - I have not tried it
XML Pitstop - lots of XML information
MySQL site
Tutorials CGI101 - tutorial on cgi
Tutorial on cgi
How CGI scripting works
How PERL works
Perl Tutorial
w3 schools - Excellent tutorial on ASP.NET
ASP alliance - tutorial on ASP.NET
How do I... ASP.NET
411ASP.NET tutorial
Introduction to databases for web developers
HTMLGoodies with info on perl and cgi and asp
Database tutorial
ASP Databases using VB Script
Articles Cooking up an XML storm with cooktop
Web databases
Introduction to Databases for the Web - part 1
articles on a lot of the topics we are covering
Apache Tutorial: Dynamic Content with CGI
MySQL Administration

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