You asked that I try to download the Oracle Software and see if it worked.

 These are the steps that I followed. 

When asked, I did register as an Oracle user as a student and everything seems to have worked.

 First go to your download site….

Then click on red…

Oracle91 Database

Archived Products



 Oracle Database 10g Release 1

 Oracle9i Lite

 Discoverer Desktop

 Oracle9i Database

 Oracle9iAS Wireless

 Developer Suite Software Configuration Manager

ORACLE /9 Release 2

Then >>>>> Next Page….

Oracle9i Release 2 (

Oracle9i Database Release 2 Enterprise/Standard/Personal Edition
for Windows NT/2000/XP

You must accept the OTN License Agreement to download this software.

Accept License Agreement | Decline License Agreement

Finally… here is the meat of this…these three compressed files…

Download ALL of them – decompress to a local file on your PC.

And then install……


Wasn’t that fun?

Download the Complete Files (612,802,971 bytes) (537,604,934 bytes) (254,458,106 bytes)

Extract….and install….