COBOL Fill Table Assignment

Your assignment is to complete the program called YOURFILL.CBL which is at this site. The program reads the file called STUUOUR.DAT. The program should produce the printed output shown below. By comparing the data with the output that is produced figure out the department/major codes and department names as well as the advisor codes and advisor names that you need to enter when you run the program.

The data is shown below:
1111Jennifer Ames       CI24204000
2222Stephen Daniels     CI03303500
3333David Ash           BU15123000
4444Linda Costa         OF28333000
5555Susan Rice          CI27243000
6666Carl Hersey         BU24244000
7777Ann Williams        CI15272500
The output that is produced when I entered specific department and advisor information at the screen (except for the data, your output should look like this).

08/17/98                      STUDENT REPORT                      PAGE  1     

 ID #     NAME                   MAJOR    DEPARTMENT                            
                                   ADVISOR NAME        OFFICE    EXT.           
 1111     Jennifer Ames            CI     Computer Information Systems          
                                   Ann French          K-333     2987           
 2222     Stephen Daniels          CI     Computer Information Systems          
                                   Lee Johnson         K-111     2000           
 3333     David Ash                BU     Business                              
                                   Carol Stevens       K-222     2001           
 4444     Linda Costa              OF     Office Administration                 
                                   Thomas Garrison     B-111     5434           
 5555     Susan Rice               CI     Computer Information Systems          
                                   Susan Elliot        K-432     3212           
 6666     Carl Hersey              BU     Business                              
                                   Ann French          K-333     2987           
 7777     Ann Williams             CI     Computer Information Systems          
                                   Carol Stevens       K-222     2001